Dear Stanley,

In isiXhosa, to “tsiba” means to “leap”. Through our relationship with people like you, we are able to do just that. Hence, we would like to take this chance to appreciate the donation of your book “100 lessons in diversity”, which I received at the Book Fair in June.

To date TSiBA has experienced extraordinary support in pursuit of our mission to graduate economically impoverished students with a business degree, which is testament to our vision of “Igniting Opportunity”.

We expect our students to make a nominal contribution to their studies. Amounts are calculated on a sliding scale based on household income. At an average of R174 pm, we consider that nominal and a commitment fee.

The book you have donated fits beautifully into our courses “Leadership and self-development” which our students study throughout their four years at TSiBA.

This contribution of your book for our library is going to assist our students in reaching their goals…
Thank you, With good wishes
Ilana Barling, Librarian

Dear Stanley I. Bongwe

100 Lessons in Diversity is a book of guidance in life and understanding of multi-culture in our country. The best chapters for me are; You’ve Got To Be Taught, Different Like You and She’s Too Cute.

Everybody is scared of what they think of people in secret and your introduction is the best in addressing that.
Keep writing books of how people should live in life.

Yours Sincerely,
Sandile Mhlongo

… just finished 100 lessons in Diversity by Stanley Bongwe. Thank you for sharing it! There were some common ideas with other books I’ve read but I liked his style and appreciate some of the uniqueness of South Africa even more than before. With my father being a dentist, I enjoyed Lesson 13 and the importance of good dental hygiene.

Lesson 18 Myth #4 was also impactful. Diversity and inclusion training have a lot to do with understanding yourself.

Hope you have a great week.” Doug
Doug McMillon – Vice President and CEO, Walmart

Without a shadow of doubt the best book on our Southern African diversity I have read. Yes, the book is mainly aimed at South Africa, but, because of the similarities between our two countries as far as diversity is concerned, it is (almost) equally applicable to Namibia.
Peter Mietzner – Editor of iNamibia

Dear Mr Bongwe
“Congratulations on your book 100 Lesson in Diversity. The content is excellent, it is presented in a nice to read and easy to understand manner. The book and its title are appealing and surely speak to the audience in the present South Africa.

I can see that it is the sort of book that management can give to each of its employees as a commitment to diversity sensitization and in an effort to promote employees to take the initiative in “Learning about yourself and others” as you have put it on the cover.”
Dr Francois Potgieter – Senior Manager : HR-Armscor

Mr. Bongwe
Thank you so much for the book you gave me. I really enjoyed reading it and found it very practical and easy to read. I was able to go through the everyday examples and look introspectively to see which stereotype I may have often unconsciously due to my upbringing. As a teacher, I feel it is very important to analyze myself and realize where my own shortcomings lie. It is important to value and respect each child in my classroom and I can apply and use the lessons you discussed in your book to myself to ensure that each child I encounter is treated fairly and taught to see themselves as special because of who they are. I found Chapter 83 as a striking reminder of how I have innocent children in my class and I can too easily “corrupt” them if I myself bring my stereotypes or prejudices into the classroom (thus I need to look at them).

Your book has also helped me see the challenges we face in South Africa and I encourage others to read it, so we can all become aware of our prejudices and analyze them so we can learn to respect and try to understand everyone we encounter.
Thank you
School Teacher – Solid Foundations Primary School

Dear Mr. Bongwe
Please hereby accept my gratitude for the gift of your book. I find it extremely encouraging and a pleasure to read. Rest assured we at “Solid Foundations” continually strive to embrace diversity you so eloquently describe.
Kind Regards,
Emmy Bradshaw – School Principal

The book draws a mosaic of workplace, school and global South African situations which are a microcosm of the diversity of this country, with its rich tapestry of languages, cultures and religions, whose rights are enshrined in the Constitution. It also draws on experiences from abroad. Stanley takes the reader through a wide range of real-life experiences, which specifically but not exclusively unfold in the corporate workplace. It illustrates the sometimes muted, subtle and overt drama of conflict and tension which in most cases arise due to lack of awareness of how diversity should be understood and managed in the changing world.
Prof. Nhlanhla Maake – Executive Dean : Faculty of Humanities – University of Limpopo

“This has got to be the best diversity book I’ve read. The design is good, its nice and small – fits easy in a bag. The lessons are not long and boring but are quick and memorable – not to mention funny at times. I think this book is a definite winner and a must for all corporate companies in South Africa. Good Job.”
Rashaad Sallie – CEO of theimagehouse design studio

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